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Another shot of my Asura Mesmer Zeolla waiting for Shat Chat to begin. Lots of pink and purple in that area.
The cutest Asura there ever was. It’s a shame a lot of the special clothing and outfits look like trash on them. This one was a nice exception and it finally gave me an excuse to buy it. Huzzah.
Not that I use it anymore now that I noticed the Witch’s Outfit looks adorable on her.
Guess who started ArcheAge?
(low level screenshot because all my friends are asleep and I’m too tired to advance beyond level 8 tonight)
I haven’t done much with my new Sylvari Ranger yet, but her time will come. I just wanted to fangirl over how pretty she is to take screenshots with. So many bright things to come.
What if I just took screenshots of my Norn Guardian standing around looking fabulous and putting the NPCs to shame? What if I just did that.
Continuing this storyline for the rest of the day. I’ve admittedly been the slowest at it so maybe I can get caught up pretty quick.