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And this is my first WoW character ever. You might notice she’s not max level and that she’s a mage. Long story short, I ditched her before she ever made it to 60 to play with new friends. Since then I’ve been trying to get her to max level, but just always gave up. Out of all the characters I have, she has the lowest reputation standing entirely due to being created in vanilla. In fact, she’s level 73 right now and still not exalted with Stormwind.
The expansions over the years have made it easy to play catch up though so I’m hoping to change that. A couple of pals have alts her level so we’ve been playing together when we have the same schedule. Hopefully I can get her to 90 before Warlords so I don’t waste my boost to 90 on her.
I’m sorry, but dorf paladin is the best thing ever. Finally got that faction transfer in now that some of my closer friends are playing alliance again. At any rate, it’s better than being typical blood elf paladin wearing judgement set Horde-side.
Another new mount I picked up. Only a couple weeks of farming this one. Very fortunate.
I finally got my pet. Surprisingly it was the spawn beneath Dalaran so once again my good luck came through.
Not sure if anyone has scanned it, but this is from a couple months back.